Ethix Quad-Builder Cable Set

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A very handy box with some of the most commonly used silicone wires in FPV included. No more buying multiple short strands all of the different gauges. This box will give you everything you need, all for a low price.

We here at Ethix have slaved through the slums of wiretown to combine only the most perfect sizes and qualities of AWG goodness. Inside this lovely rectangular black structure is two spoils of each, black and red high-quality silicone 14awg/18awg/26awg. These are the most commonly used wire sizes used when building a multicopter and this affordable cube-like device makes your life just that much easier.


  • 1x Quad-Builder Cable Set consisting of:
    • 2M of 14awg cable (Black)
    • 2M of 14awg cable (Red)
    • 5M of 18awg cable (Black)
    • 5M of 18awg cable (Red)
    • 12M of 26awg cable (Green)
    • 12M of 26awg cable (Red)

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