RadioMaster Zorro & TX12 AG01 Mini CNC Hall Gimbal (Set of 2) w/ Self Centering + Throttle

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About this product

This Radiomaster AG01 Mini CNC Hall Gimbal Set features both the Self-Centering Gimbal and the Throttle Gimbal. The AG01 Mini is fully CNC milled for ultimate precision with quad ball bearings for a smooth and precise feel. Featuring front-accessible tension and travel adjustment for easy fine-tuning. The AG01 will take your TX12 or Zorro to the next level. From the aviation-grade aluminum construction, non-contact hall sensors, and pre-installed Sticky360 Mini Gimbal Sticks, be prepared to revolutionize your compact radio experience!

VIDEO: AG01 gimbals now available for Zorro and TX12 Radiomaster radios!


  • Non-contact hall sensors for accurate control inputs and precise centering.
  • Adjustable vertical travel angle (Min. 38°, Max. 54°)
  • Made with CNC-processed aviation-grade aluminum.
  • Quad precision bearings for unparalleled stick feel.
  • Custom designed for RadioMaster Zorro & TX12
  • Sticky360 Mini Gimbal Sticks as standard.
RadioMaster Mini AG01 Gimbal Set


The Zorro radio is configured as Mode 1 or Mode 2 by the screws mounted in the rear case of the radio. Both gimbals should be installed in a self-centering configuration (as default out of the box) in the Zorro radio. Once the radio is re-assembled the screws in the rear case of the Zorro will set the throttle gimbal.


One gimbal must be set as throttle and one as self-centering before installation in the radio.
1. Use the included screw (see parts bag) to hold down the centering lever and set the gimbal as a throttle gimbal.
2. Adjust the throttle tension bar until the desired tension is achieved.


  • Adjustable Vertical Travel Range: 38°—54°
  • Name: AG01 Mini CNC Hall Gimbal
  • Temperature Range: -20°C-85°C
  • Self-centering adjustment: Yes
  • Linearity: Real-time (No delay)
  • Easy mode adjustment: Yes
  • Working voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Sensor Type: Hall Sensor
  • Adjustable tension: Yes
  • Weight: 42g(±0.3g)
  • Size: 49x42x48mm
  • Quad bearing: Yes

Recommended (Not Included)


  • 1x RadioMaster AG01 Mini Hall CNC Gimbal – Self Centering
  • 1x RadioMaster AG01 Mini Hall CNC Gimbal – Throttle
  • 2x Spare Normal Tension Spring
  • 2x Throttle Tension Screw
  • 8x Installation Screw
  • 2x Hex Tool

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